Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feedback Button on the Forehead

While humans have their feedback buttons in the form of ears on either side of their face, that does not work for websites.

We always try to find an unobtrusive way to place a feedback button right on the forehead of our virtual fairs.

Nothing fancy, no forms to fill. Just a Feedback Button.

One click on the feedback button, and it launches an email from the user's email client. When sent, the email comes straight to our assigned support line for that particular virtual fair. It is the most used mechanism for feedback.

What is interesting is that even though we have a password retriever which shoots back the password in an email to users, they sometimes still prefer to use the Feedback Button to ask for their passcode. From their perspective, it is painless and there is no guesswork -- no wondering about what the next screen will show. The Feedback Button launches an email on their own client, which probably gives them a feeling of greater control. They will now have a proof of sending the request right in their Sent Box.

Simplicity rules.