Friday, July 11, 2008

Making life purposeful, making a living in a purposeful manner

This Monday, a dear friend and second cousin lost his father in India. For first-generation immigrants, decision-times regarding ageing parents prove to be very defining moments. The shift in roles that one assumes, of children being able to personally attend to and care for their ageing parents, can not be taken for granted by first-generation immigrants. Flying 8,000 miles for a family emergency is not always possible. The travel time itself could run into 24 or 36 gruelling hours. My friend happened to be there on a 3-week visit, and was able to be by his father's side, care for him through his hospitalization, and be by his bedside as he breathed his last. For a father, I suppose there must have been a sense of calm and peace to see all his children settled, and present in person. Any such experience of seeing someone breathe their last puts things back in perspective for those of us who are left behind. One tends to cherish life, good health, the laughter of loved ones, the change of seasons.

Until the phone rings, and then it is back to the business of chasing deadlines. When we keep busy, life and time pass by quickly. If we keep busy with a sense of purpose, it is more fulfilling. If that purpose touches many lives - or even one life - in a positive manner, then the reward at the very least, simply is the ability and the luxury to live that kind of a purposeful life.

I am hoping that through our work at, we are able to create prosperity for businesses by helping them make the right connections with buyers, or employers or any faraway customers or prospects. Or simply, that we are able to make someone smile (like the CEO of a marketing strategy firm who called me this morning to share her 'aha' moment when she saw our work. That story warrants a separate post.)

So here's to a purposeful existence. Here's to a purposeful way of life and purposeful way of making a living.

This is for my friend and his family - Heartfelt condolences! May your father's soul rest in everlasting peace.