Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I chanced upon an interesting piece on mini-innovations. The reason this approach appeals to me is because of its simplicity. It does not need a massive dose of investment. It does not need re-training internally and externally. It just needs a lot of listening and some quiet time.

While on the topic of small changes that make a big positive impact, we are ramping up for a major virtual trade show now, and I just got off web conference that was basically a live version of a tutorial on how to register and set up a virtual booth. I like such sessions because they help us step in the shoes of the uninitiated. We see and do virtual events day in and day out, and we tend to get a false sense of security that we have perfected it. We assume that registration forms are simple to complete and intuitive.

It is only when we look at things from a fresher's perspective do we see how much difference a simple tweak in the navigation can make, how much more intuitive things can be with just changing a few words or dropping a few words, or moving things around a bit. It's like the joy of learning to tune a guitar.